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We are a Mining Supply Chain Network USA - Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to efficiently provide the highest quality customer service flexible solutions at a competitive market price WITHOUT IMPACTING ON SERVICE. As a team, we strive to be the best value provider who takes pride in our work. We continue to build on our tradition of reliable, personalized services for our customers.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide you with quality recommendations, exceptional customer service and cost savings.

Mining, Metals, and Minerals in Africa


The need for a highly effective mine is ever more present today, especially given the volatile and changing market conditions.


To be successful, mining operators must have a global plan to achieve the best results across the entire business value chain. They must ensure operations are managed in a safe and secure environment, maximizing operation efficiency and increasing value by unifying and optimizing the supply chain, while cultivating and maintaining a standard of being a socially responsible organization. The Democratic Republic of Congo is in the heart of mining country and is the most attractive area for mining investors in the world, according to the Fraser Institute.



Major mine service & supply capacity includes:

  • Continuously-running machinery & underground mining equipment
  • Shaft sinking and boring services
  • Mineral exploration drilling, core drilling & water well drilling
  • Custom machining and fabricating and maintenance of mining parts
  • Commercial, industrial, infrastructure, earthworks & underground, and masonry construction services
  • Geotechnical, geo-environmental, geological and hydro-geological consulting from exploration to mine closure
  • Consulting engineering services in all phases of the mine cycle
  • Multi trade contractors
  • Analytical testing services
  • Supplies related to safety, health, and fire protection
  • GIS and mapping & electric instrumentation & controls
  • Applied research & specialized training
  • Environmental assessment, remediation & reclamation services
  • Community relations and corporate social responsibility expertise economicdevelopmentregina.com



Congolese Mining abroad consumes thousands of products, both goods and services, from suppliers in most industrial, commercial and consumer sectors of the economy. The majority of products consumed are specialized and of a scientific or technical nature. Mining Companies also consume substantial quantities of other products which have applications in mining that differ little from applications in other areas of the economy. As much as the demand for mining products is global, so is the supply.

No country is cost competitive or self-sufficient in all of the many goods and services required by Mining Companies. Congolese suppliers don’t appear to rank among the major suppliers in the world. Globalization of mining is creating export opportunities for domestic suppliers of all types of goods and services across the economy. Supplying expertise, goods, and services to Mining Companies results in quality jobs for both USA and Congo, both at home and abroad. There appears to be considerable opportunity to derive further benefits from this activity.



Copper 85%


Cobalt 95%


Cement 93%


Frozen food 85%


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